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A Paper Boat

June 23, 2019

Someone told me once that life is like a paper boat. It either sails through the waves or submerges to high tides. What an analogy, comparing human life to a paper boat. Isn’t it? I was thinking this and more while sipping my earl grey. I had to write an article that defines human and their expeditions. The challenge was it has to be more realistic and a lot is driven by daily life. Not about a scientist like human or a President like human, but a common man and the lost citizen but not the first. While I was thinking about the paper boat analogy, I still couldn’t bring myself to agree with the whole thought process and similarities of human life and the paper boat. So, I thought let’s go out for a walk and maybe fresh air will do some magic.

I went outside and started enjoying the cool evening breeze and a pink sky. I took a seat at a corner of a coffee house inside my work campus and started thinking. Even a boat is sailed through the waves and against the storm by the human, and it is the will power of the homo sapiens, which turns the fate of the boat saving it from being submerged. Ain’t a human brain capable of breaking all impossibilities and carving out new possibilities? If yes, then why compare it with the paper boat? And then it occurred to me, that how vulnerable is our race to intangible things in life, like emotions. Like a sudden door slam when that someone walks out of our lives, leaving us fragile to the core. Like when that someone blocks you from their social media account, and you feel your world has collapsed. And then the death of that someone creates a void in your life, which you find hard to fill, leaving you trembling in loneliness. I took a big sigh and scribbled these all in my notepad, took a sip of my coffee and thought, humans, are considered the best creation of the Almighty. We create, invent and innovate so much and change the whole idea of living, yet we are vulnerable to those intangible emotions, that breaks down our soul and inner peace.

I went back to my desk, woke up my sleeping Mac and started typing, ‘The human life – a paper boat.’ I finished that article and felt so attached to that theme. We always have a humungous portfolio of achievements to present, but more so we have a mountain of ego to accept that we are still wobbly. So, when I was writing this article, I was confused with the whole theme, but I forgot one thing. It’s not the impossibilities that we can’t defy, but the tensions between the heart and the mind that we succumb to. After all, like the submerged boat, all the high tides in life comes when we are emotionally the weakest. It then depends completely on us to emerge or submerge.

By Manali Debroy

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    Mili Chowdhury
    June 23, 2019 at 6:18 pm

    Feeling so connected!! Wonderful piece to read!

    • Reply
      Write to Live
      June 24, 2019 at 12:01 am

      Thank you Mili. I am glad you liked it. Do keep a watch at this space. There will be more content flowing 😊

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