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The Shades of Spring

June 30, 2019

‘Love me till the last of reds,

caress me till the last of purples,

look at me like the last of sunshine yellows –

And hold my hands like –

I am your sun and moon,

and the reason of colours and breath,

in your life.

The Shades of Spring Flower Carnation

Flowers always depict purity and serenity. They speak the language of love and peace. When you bring them close to yourself, their fragrance only exuberate positive vibes and happiness. They refresh you and your home from within, spreading only love in your lives and mind. That is the reason, that we choose to gift bouquet of flowers on someone’s special occasions. But it is rare that we see gifting flowers to our own selves, unless there are guests visiting our home, or only if we are celebrating something. But shouldn’t be celebrating ourself everyday?

These days interior decorations and home decor are shaping up to more like a DIY model. Brands these days have to be more adaptive to the customer choices and demands, to match the new Millennial style of lives. Nowadays, you really do not need to hire an expensive interior decorator to make your home look posh. You can very well ‘Do it yourself’ to make your home look beautiful, lively and exquisite. All you need are good recommendations. The best recommendation that you can easily get are from influencers. These days social media has become a huge source to directly get first hand information. Influencers post pictures, do reviews and suggest why these brands are worth it. They are easily reachable as well as are first hand users of these brands, hence a simple ‘DM’ can get you probably more and satisfactory information than googling for hours. I myself I am influencer and would recommend you to listen to us, but definitely before taking a long-term plan, try once for yourself. That way, first, you do not regret taking a long-term plan, if things are not according to your expectations, and second, you are comfortable with the influencer and their suggestions, that makes your life more easy, when asking for more suggestions.

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Having said that, I absolutely recommend subscribing to the weekend flower box from The Shades of Spring. They deliver neatly packed box of flowers at your doorstep, every Saturday. One of the USP of them is that they recommend the customers that they shouldn’t throw away the box. You can actually give it back to them while they deliver your second box, which you would definitely do after getting your first box – they are that good! This recycling initiative from a flower subscription box brand, goes hand in hand to the green drive and being a complete all nature brand. This makes them stand out when you compare with other flower shops. One more thing that I totally love about them, apart from the varieties of flower they send every weekend, is that they send a small packet of flower food inside their packaging. It is like the midweek recharge for your flowers, like we all need as well. This small flower food packet is something that you infuse in the vase when you change your water mid-week. This helps to keep your flowers alive for longer duration. Since, they are weekly subscription box, this idea really helps to bind customers and help them also see returning customers, in this perishable segment of business.

The flower subscription box from The Shades of Spring

Their boxes are pretty self explanatory. They have taken great care to help customers understand these delicate beauties and handle them in a proper way throughout a whole one week. The back of the packing box has all the details, starting from how to arrange your flowers to when to mix flower food and other details. I will highly recommend to follow them for best results. There are different subscription box plans that they have – weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. One flower box will cost you INR 229, which you can order once to experience happiness, before you go for the long-term plan. I can guarantee that after you order one box, the way your house’s look will change, you won’t be able to resist yourself from ordering the second box. Hence, a subscription box plan of monthly /quarterly / six months will be highly recommended by me.

Recently, I have published an article with ‘The Post India’ media house talking about ’10 Subscription boxes to try this summer’, where I have featured ‘The Shades of Spring’. Find the link below (under the image):

10 Subscription boxes to try this Summer. Published in ‘The Post India’

I hope you enjoy reading this article and this will be useful for you to choose The Shades of Spring as your flower subscription box. If you have any questions on the plans or the flower varieties and quality, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Alternatively, I have attached the brand’s website in the pictures (below the flower carnation images), and you can directly visit the website and contact them as well.

By Manali Debroy

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