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The Fallen World

July 27, 2019

The reflection of the broken trust and fallen love was visible in his eyes. I felt like I have turned him into a stone. How can I blame him when I burst him the truth. But I expected him to react – shout, anger, cry, or talk – but he was sitting quietly without responding. The fact of me having an affair outside of our marriage broke him apart. In his eyes, I could see the dreams that we saw together in all the years of our marriage until now, falling apart. It was like I peeled off all the petals of a closed bud, who was slowly getting ready to bloom fully, one day. But, he never had time for me in the past two years, and it made me feel like I am being taken for granted.

With a little courage from this thought, I expressed my unhappiness from our marriage and urged him to say something. He looked at me like he was woken up from dead. He sighed and told me, ‘I was working hard these two years so that I could gift you the penthouse apartment you wanted to buy for us. I booked it yesterday. But….’ He stopped and looked at me with questions in his eyes that pierced my heart like an ice knife. 

Guilt rushed through my veins, and I felt like I have stabbed someone at the back, who trusted me with his life. My mind started running with so many thoughts. Did I ruin our marriage? Am I the one who turned upside down the umbrella of our love and hid under someone else’s, just because the hole in our umbrella took time to mend?

The therapist looked at me and said, ‘Samaira! You have to be calm and then think. Do you believe you have ruined your marriage with Amit? Do you think you could have mended it?’ And then the whole world went black and all I could see was the ‘red’ upside down umbrella….

PS: What do you think? Who is more grief stricken? Who is right or who is wrong? Share your thoughts with me.

Short story by Manali Debroy

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    August 14, 2019 at 2:23 pm

    Yeah, indeed it happens in marriage because we forget to give time to each other… ❤️ penthouse can wait but the person should be your first priority

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