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Sweep me off my feet already…

August 17, 2019

Love can never be you and me, but only us! – By Manali Debroy

Like the church bells,
and the wind chimes,
he swept me off my feet.
But how can I fall in love again?
What if the sweet embrace now,
becomes a strangulation later?
What if the kindness now,
becomes a monstrous possessiveness later?
What if the truest kisses now,
becomes the devilish bashings later? 
What if…

Love is not just in my heart but also in your arms

His soft kisses on my lips and neck,
pulled me off from the train of thoughts,
When he whispered into my ears,
‘It will always be us
and never me before you,
not you before me, but only us!’
And he swept me off my feet again,
With that handsome smile of his,
my heart smiled as well
and surely skipped a beat or two, 
because I knew this time it is love!

When he finally swept me off my feet and I knew it was nothing but only love…

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