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Not just doodling…but more?

September 2, 2019

Doodle your dreams and never be afraid!

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”
– William Wordsworth, English Romantic poet

As it is expressed by the greatest ever poet William Wordsworth, breathe your heart into your writings filling them on the paper. A good stationery is the artist’s major motivation to write out his or her heart and hence for an artist stationery is never enough.

Writing/doodling is much more than just a hobby, it is sometimes finding yourself, sometimes letting yourself loose, and other emotions to be spilled out in ink on blank paper. The blank paper that once looked lifeless, suddenly speaks emotions when you fill them with words and art. Just like an artist always speaks from the heart, stationery act as the partner, who makes the work of an artist look truly believable. The co-existence of an artist and the stationery is a reality, but more so with good quality stationery, the art comes out in the most real way. Doodle Collection is one such brand that provides these stationery for the artists, without compromising on the quality. The products truly speak high value, supreme quality justifying stationery as an artist’s first love. They know what a writer, or a sketch artist wants and they do full justice to the demands and needs, that brings out the art is the most beautiful and magical way. In this post, let’s discuss some of their products that I have used and all I can say is it made me write more and fall in love with my art every passing day. I am sure this will be useful to all the artists there.

Notebooks and Diaries: The collection will truly set you aback and you would want to grab more varieties from their vast range. Depending upon your art, you can choose rule or blank page notebooks and diaries. The quality of the pages will keep your ink and your sketch flowing, without any complaints from that skilful mind of yours. There are plain cover, modern art cover as well as graffiti cover notebooks. Choose your mood and flavour to write on these notebooks. The ranges are anywhere from INR 200 – 1500.

Notecards and Pens: What best way to greet someone on their birthday, promotions, season’s greetings than sending them a handwritten or sketched notecard. Their notecards have varieties and the the warmth that will bring a smile on the person’s face when he or she opens it to read your message. When it comes to writing and sending someone their handwritten message, you need to have good quality pens that speak of the love and wishes you are sending across. Do not forget to check out their pen collection, which not only look good, but are of good writing quality and are available in many colours.

Tote-bags and Lifestyle pouches: Designer tote bags are something that can be useful not just for carrying your diaries and pens, for the occasion of whenever your artistic mind calls for, but also for any utility. You can use as shopping bags or even a go to college bag. Their designer tote bag collection is simple yet stylish that will definitely make a statement, each time you carry them around. While for the mini lifestyle pouches, who doesn’t need them. They act like your small bag inside your large bag, carrying all the valuable things you may need while travelling – makeup, bathing sachets, shaving items, and any other utility you can think of. They have pretty good range of these items.

I highly recommend Doodle collection, since their products are my go to when I am drafting my next story or thinking of a new article to publish. Check out their website for these and more products.

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